Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Blogspot Debut

Oh Dear
This is really like an addiction....Started blogging 2 weeks back just to vent my frustrations and here I am, already creating my second blog....though this has been created for the very same this going to be my this going to be the place where I am going to write whatever I think and feel....well time will tell.

Who am I
A small town girl from India, settled in Bangalore with a bunch of assorted set of friends...
I think its best if I leave this to my friends or else will look like a megalomaniac...
Do I have any? Oops..I think too many to there anything I do not like...Food, Music, Movies, Books, Travelling, Gossiping ( Bitching actually), Dancing, Fighting ...the list just goes on and on.
Ha Ha Ha...whats that word again
Am I a fool to even think of revealing them.. even to you

So there you go my diary...a nice, sweet n syrupy intro page for you...cant pronmise that the next ones are going to be like them.